How do you know if you have hemorrhoids?

All humans have hemorrhoids. We are born with hemorrhoids; they are a part of our anatomy. Though there are multiple theories as to the function of hemorrhoids, the most accepted theory is that hemorrhoids aide in keeping stool from leaking out of the anus. As the venous cushions swell, they block the anal opening.

Not all people have hemorrhoid symptoms, however; it is estimated that 150 million people suffer from hemorrhoid discomfort. Given that, how do you know if you have hemorrhoid problems?

Diagnosis by a doctor is the best way to know if you have hemorrhoids, but you may have hemorrhoids if you have noticed the following symptoms: blood in the toilet and or on the toilet paper, unusual pain or discomfort while trying to go to the bathroom, and/or pain and an itching sensation in the rectum.

If you have hemorrhoid discomfort, you should also know that hemorrhoids can lead to prolapsed tissue in the rectum. Hemorrhoid prolapse usually appears as a reddish outgrowth filled with blood. If you have hemorrhoid symptoms that are associated with hemorrhoid disease, you should see a doctor. You may not know if these symptoms are actually caused by hemorrhoids or some other potentially more serious problem. Always check your symptoms with a medical professional to know if you have hemorrhoids.