What is HAL?

A miniature Doppler ultrasound device is inserted into the anus and guided gently towards the hemorrhoidal arteries. By means of the Doppler sensor and audible signals transmitted by the device, the surgeon is able to pinpoint the exact location of the arteries supplying blood to the hemorrhoids.

The surgeon then ties off each artery (called ligation) by placing a stitch around it and knotting the ends. Because the stitch is placed not in the anus but in the lower rectum, where there are almost no pain nerves, the whole procedure is virtually painless.

With the blood supply to the hemorrhoids being obstructed, the pressure in them is reduced almost immediately and they start to shrink. In just a few weeks, they are no longer noticeable and the symptoms resolve. The efficacy of the HAL method when used to treat the appropriate grades of hemorrhoidal disease (Grades II and III) has now been proven in many international studies.

Thank you again.

Dr. Fitzgerald performed my surgery February 12th. Ten ligations and another procedure, as well.

I could not be happier! I actually experienced more pain on the drive to the hospital than on the (same day) drive home. I was fully recovered in less than a week and I feel great!

My only regret is that I didn't have it done sooner!

Patient, Washington, DC

What is RAR?

The principle of RAR is ingeniously simple. First, a running stitch is made from the top to the bottom. The device is so designed that only the prolapsing tissue is caught by the needle.

 The ends of the thread are pulled together and knotted at the top. This has the effect of lifting up the hemorrhoids that are hanging down.

With this “lifting”, the hemorrhoids are back where they belong. The tissue scars over and integrates seamlessly back into the anal tissue.

HAL-RAR Advantages

The advantages of HAL-RAR over other types of surgery are:

  • High level of safety
  • High level of patient friendliness
  • Low degree of pain allows patients to quickly return to their normal activities
  • Low re-prolapse rate
  • Highly effective treatment of symptoms such as itching, bleeding and pain