Providing surgeons with the professional support required to realize their product ideas, and to bring them to market in the shortest possible timeframe, since 1998.


A.M.I.’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care by developing innovative products and treatment methods for surgical application.

From the concept stage right through to completion of research and development, A.M.I. is assisted by a group of experienced medical professionals to ensure that all our products meet the highest expectations of future patients.

A.M.I.’s products and methods must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Achieve better results
Effect less pain
Require shorter recovery time
Enhance the safety of an already established method

    All our products are manufactured according to European standards for medical devices and are CE and FDA approved before being released for sale.

    Your safety, your recovery, your well-being is our concern!

    A.M.I innovative products have applications in the following medical fields:

    • Coloproctology
    • General Surgery
    • Morbid Obesity Surgery
    • Urogynocology
    • Port Catheter Systems

    In the United States, only products for General Surgery and Coloproctology are presently available, adhering to all the FDA requirements. We distribute our products directly through A.M.I. US, based outside of Boston, Massachusetts.